Toddlers Piggy-tail Hairstyle – She Will Love It!

Todder Girls Pig-Tail Hairstyle

Sometimes, as moms, dad and even grandmothers, we stress too much about our little ones hair! Back to the basics with this darling piggy-tail hairstyle of your toddler! The image above proves that even two simple high ponytails can look fancy when she is in a dress and with added flowers in her hair!



1. Round Brush /Comb for part
2. 2 Ponytail Holders
4. Optional — hair bow or other hair accessories

STEP #1:

First her hair and give her a part down the middle.

STEP #2:

Starting with one side, use your brush to smooth her hair and gather into a high ponytail. Secure with ponytail holder.

STEP #3:

Repeat on the other side.

STEP #4:

At this point, you can add a beautiful hair accessory or just leave her hair and you are finished!