Perfect for Tweens – Silky Smooth Hairstyle


Today, the latest hair style fashion for pre-teen girls and teen girls is straight, silky, smooth hair. Because most girls were not born with really straight hair, the easiest way to obtain this fashionable look is to use a flat iron.

Most flat irons will hold this well-groomed look for up to 2 days, as long as the hair does not get wet. There are dozens of flat iron manufactures on the market – some as inexpensive as $20 up to more than $150. The most well known is the Chi brand hair straightener / flat iron. Chi flat iron uses ceramic plates for super smooth hair. Many other brands have incorporated ceramic plates on their hair straighteners as well. With the myriad of choices of hair straightners on the market, it is a great idea to talk to a professional and find out what they would recommend based on your daughter’s hair type, thickness, her age and of course how often the flat iron will be used.



1. Flat Iron if she does not have perfectly straight hair
2. Good Conditioner
3. Recently Trimmed Hair (this young girl has thick hair with some layers)

STEP #1:

Wash, condition and dry her hair completely.

STEP #2:

Using your straitener, take one small section at a time and smooth out her hair leaving a slight undercurl on the ends.

Note: Keep in mind that children under the age of 12 should never use a flat iron and that even teens need supervision (and most likely help) when working with the back of their hair. Our young hair model had her hair straightened by a professional hair stylist.
Preteen Girls Hairstyle Silky Smooth
If your pre-teen is going to be a junior brides maid or flower girl in an upcoming wedding, keep in mind that the a young girl hairstyle may make pre-teen feel babyish.  An older girl’s style (like the silky smooth hair style shown above) may be just what she needs to feel attractive and up-to-date for the big event!