Girls with Longer Hair are Sure to LOVE This Low French Twist!

Girls Low French Braid Twist Hairstyle with Curls

What a fabulous and casually elegant hairstyle for any little girl with medium to long hair!
This simple hairstyle takes just a few accessories and just moments to complete (once she has curls).


Supplies Needed for this Little Girls Hairstyle:

1. Your favorite way to give lasting curls
2. Wide toothed comb or brush to smooth her hair
3. Bobby Pins
4. Decorative clips or elegant pins for an extra touch


Step #1:

Of course, like most folks, I think curls add perfect little girl charm to most any girl’s hairstyle! To dress up this casual hairstyle, you can add gorgeous curls to your little girls hair!

Step #2:

Next, gather most of her hair towards the lower back of her head and twist lightly.

Note: You may wish to leave out a few strands in the front to frame her face!

Step #3:

Of course, the final touch is to add your favorite hair accessory. 

This hairstyle can be worn for girls of almost any age, once they have longer hair! You may want to try this one on yourself!