Lovely Knot Hairstyle with Tiara

Knot Bun Hairstyle Updo with Tiara

Make no mistake about it – this hair style is the most difficult on our website. This requires straight, thick hair that is several inches longer than shoulder length. You will need lots of bobby pins to keep this style looking fresh all day! Follow the steps below to give your little girl



1. Brush or Wide Toothed Comb to smooth hair
2. 1 Ponytail Holders that blends with the hair color of your girl
3. 16 Plus Bobby Pins
4. Rhinestone Tiara – small with attached comb

STEP #1:

Gather and smooth the hair into a high ponytail.

STEP #2:

Next divide the hair into 4 – 5 thick sections.

STEP #3:

Intertwine the sections of hair to form a loose knot bun on top of her head.

STEP #4:

Using lots of hair pins, secure her bun knot the bun.

STEP #5:

Finally, add the decorative tiara right in front to give this updo some bling!