One Change Makes an Ordinary Bun a Chic Updo

Young Girls Chic Updo Hairstyle

This chic updo looks fabulous and What a way to dress up a very simple girl’s hairstyle. For this wonderful hairdo, your little girl can have hair of almost any length. Our young model started with straight hair several inches longer than shoulder length.



1. Your Favorite Way to Give Lasting Curls if she does not have naturally curly hair
2. Ponytail Holder that Matches the color of her hair
3. 8 – 12 Bobby Pins
4. Optional — Hair Accessories – this little girl just used the bobby pins and her hair looked fabulous!

STEP #1:

Your first step was to add beautiful curls. (<= Click the pink link to learn more!) I did this using the Curls for Girls method which adds beautiful spiral curls that last for hours and style in minutes!

STEP #2:

Next, you will need to secure the front part of her hair back with bobby pins, leaving two beautiful tendrils free on either side to frame her darling face. Our bobby pins overlapped slightly and with her full curls – they blended into her hair easily.

Of course you can add hair accessories like fancy barrettes, glittery bobby pins, or handmade hair bows to add the perfect finishing touch. But this hairstyle is so pretty, it can stand alone! For wedding flower girls, this style is a great foundation for a dainty tiara or a flower headpiece.

Girls Ordinary Bun Before Picture

Curls makes this ordinary bun a fancy chic undo for girls!