Bad Hair Day? Just Do This!

Colorful Flower Headband Easy Hairstyle


So… you had plans on giving her a fabulous hairstyle and something fell apart! There was horrible rainstorm with driving rain, the wind is blowing with gusts like you cannot believe or your little flower girl was so exhausted she fell asleep and you did not have time to give her the curls you wanted!

No worries! Look at this darling hairstyle – it is a simple ponytail with a beautiful flower headband at the very front of her hairline! What a gorgeous look, and not fancy styling required!

You’ve got this!


1. Ponytail holder or elastic and comb or brush
2. Flower Headband that is comfortable to wear at the front hairline
3. Light Hairspray to keep all her hair in her ponytail and smooth


Using a brush or comb, gently brush her hair back like you would for a high ponytail, smoothing as you go.

Make sure it is to the side and make sure it is secured well with a pony tail holder. (Add light hairspray to keep it looking fresh)


Simply add the decorative flower headband and get ready for some great photos!

Note: to make a smoother ponytail, lightly spritz her hair in the front with a mist of water, to get all the fly away hairs into the ponytail.