DIY Girls Hairstyle Carnations & Babies Breath

Flower Girls Hairstyle - Carnations  babies breath

Carnations and babies breath looks so elegant together and add some curls and you have the perfect hairstyle for a little girl hairstyle for a flower girl, a fancy tea or even a first communion hairstyle. This little girls hairstyle works best on girls who have medium long to very long hair!

Give your little girl picture perfect hairstyle that is carefree and will look fresh until the end of your event! Follow the two easy steps below to give your little flower girl this darling look!



1. Your favorite way to give lasting curls
2. Ponytail Holder the same color as her hair.
3. Fresh carnations and babies breath flowers
4. Bobby Pins

Step #1:
Give your little girl bouncy, lasting curls. My favorite way is Curls for Girls. Click the pink text to watch a short video that shows you how it works!

Step #2:
The next step is to leave out two pretty curls to act as tendrils! Gather all other pieces of hair and smooth to a high ponytial in the back top of her head.

Step #3:

When adding the ponytail holder pull her hair through but when almost done, loop the last part of her hair so she about a 3 inch loop under the curls that show on top. This gives fullness to this look and makes it look like more than a fancy ponytaii.

Step #4:

Fianlly, you will add the babies breath flowers and mini carnations as shown above. Secure with bobby pins so they do not slide out or, if possible, glide the flower stems under the ponytail holder for a solid hold!

Flower Girl Closeup Hairstyle - Tossing Petals

There you have it – a glamorous  updo hairstyle you gave your little girl at home!