See this Easy Todder Bow Hairstyle

Girls Toddler Bow Hairstyle

Does your preschool girl has a favorite hair accessory – maybe a beautifully handmade bow, glittery clip or colorful hair ribbon she loves to wear? Don’t place that darling girl’s hair accessory on the back of her head where she cannot enjoy it too! Toddlers especially enjoy looking in the mirror and gazing at their beautiful hairdo and special hair accessory! Many toddler girls do not have very thick or long hair, so the best way to dress up their hairstyle is by adding a special bow, matching ribbons or beautiful clip to help hold her hair out of her eyes.



1. Brush or wide toothed comb
2. Alligator clip type Bow

STEP #1:

Brush or comb her hair so it is free of tangles and knots.

STEP #2:

Generally with really fine hair, it is easiest to part it on the side and you will use the bow to keep her hair out of her eyes!

Step #3:

Next, gently smooth her hair over to one side and add the bow clip!

That is it — you are done! Many toddler girls have hair similar to the little girl in the picture above… thin and fine with a slight curl on the ends which is just precious! No need to add any heat or curl — her natural hair is perfect!!

Note: Please make sure the hair accessory or bow is very light weight!
If she has typical baby fine hair that toddlers girls have, the bow will feel like it is pulling her hair if it is heavy and she will not want to wear it!