Fun Girls Updo Hair – The Layered Bun

Girls Hairstyle - Updo Layered Bun

This lovely wedding flower girl hairdo is a layered bun hairstyle. This style is best accomplished with a professional hairstylist. As with most updos, your flower girl will need to start with long hair.To add extra pizzazz, this flower girl has sparkling hair accessories added around her bun updo. The right hair accessories can really add an up-to-date “bling” to any girls’ hairstyle!

 If your flower girl is not wearing a headpiece or flowers in her hair consider, adding a few small rhinestones or other hair ornaments – what an excellent way to dress up her look!



1. Your favorite hairstylist
2. Hair Bling to add some fun accents to this updo

Shown above is a hair accessory that resembles a metal swirl with a rhinestone in the center. To accent your flower girl with this wonderful accessory, simply style her hair and then add the ornament by spinning the end until the rhinestone is secure and the metal swirl frame is concealed by her hair. You will be surprised at how well these stay put!