Unique French Braid Updo

French Braid with Curls Little Girls Hairstyle

This hairstyle combines a french braid and a light undercurl at the ends of her hair. To be quite honest, I cannot make a french braid look acceptable to save my life, so I always must get help! If you are good at french braids, this girls hairstyle is really fun to try! Follow the steps below and let me know how yours turned out! Your little girls hair needs to be pretty long so once you finish the french braids, there is still hair left to add the undercurl!



1. The ability to french braid hair 🙂
2. Curling Iron
3. Two clips that are small but hold well in hair
4. Small silk flowers on a long, stem

STEP #1:

First, you will need to began parting her hair in the center and by giving your little girl two french braids that meet up in the back of her head as shown above – leave the ends of her hair sticking out! Clip with the hairclips to keep them in place.

STEP #2:

Next, use the curling iron to give her hair a slight undercurl so it has bounce and looks finished.

STEP #3:

Finally, you can top off this flower girl hairstyle with a few small flowers tucked into the back and secured with hidden bobby pins.

French Braid with Curls Profile View

Such a pretty undo hairstyle for many formal events!