Easy as Pie – Toddler Girls Flower Halo

Toddler Flower Girls Halo Hairstyle

You are sure to love this look for young flower girls! The flower halo hairpiece adds a beautiful touch to any wedding flower girl and it is one of the easiest wedding headpieces to wear. If your little girl has bangs, be sure to tilt this headpiece slightly so it does not push down on her bangs and flatten them out. Our flower girl has typical three-year old hair – baby fine, straight and about shoulder length. I added curls which dresses up her look and makes her look absolutely angelic and ready to toss her rose petals just before the bride!



1. Your favorite way to give lasting curls
3. Bobby Pins ( 3- 5) for  securing flower halo on her head, optional
4. Silk for Fresh Flower Wreath or Flower Halo Headpiece

STEP #1:

Give your little girl lasting curls. I used Curls for Girls, but you may use a hot curling iron, or old fashioned sponge rollers.

STEP #2:

Once you have curls in her hair — you are just simply placing the Flower Halo on her head and making sure is is secure. As mentioned above, this young flower girl has bangs, so the flower halo is tilted slightly so not to press down her bangs!

STEP #3:

Finally you may want to add bobby pins to keep the flower halo in place. You may want to test it out to see if you really need bobby pins!

Flower Girls Easy Flower Halo Hairstyle

Many times the flower wreath fits perfectly and will stay in place as long as she is not running or jumping! 🙂