Try this Unique Diamond Hairstyle for Girls

Little Girls Diamond Hairstyle Photo

This is one of our newest girls hairstyles and it is just perfect for all girls who have hair shoulder length or longer. Follow the steps below to acheive this darling look. If you find this is too complicated — we have oodles of super easy hairstyels — so just click to the right for more great ideas!



1. Your Favorite Way to give you little girl bouncy curls
2. About 7 – 12 small, clear jaw clips
3. Small silk or fresh flowers

Step #1: 

First, you will need to began by giving your little girl curls. There are many ways to achieve curls but my favorite way is the easy way Curls for Girls!

Step #2:

Next, starting with the center front, you will gather a small amount of hair from the center front of her head and secure to the top of her head with a small clear jaw hair clip.

Step #3:

Dividing the hair from the first hair clip in half, you will then add hair from one side at a time and clipped a few inches back from the top center clip. (See photo above).

Step #4:

Continue with the same method as above. You will take a small amount of hair from the clip and divide it in half and secure with clips. Taking half of the hair in the first clip, you will add it to each side clip. Using the other half of the divided hair, you will add three more clips a few inches lower with the divided hair to form a diamond design for this little girl’s hairstyle.

Step #5:

Finally, you can top off this flower girl hairstyle with a few small flowers tucked into the hair clips.

This girl’s hair style is just perfect for wedding flower girls! When she walks down the aisle in her angelic flower girl dress, tossing her petals, her hair will look absolutely lovely!! Try this beautiful hairstyle today!

Girls Diamond Hairstyle - Front

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