Flower Girls Hairstyles

Little Flower Girls Hairstyle with Flowers

Sometimes all you need for a fabulous hairdo for a wedding flower girl is a pretty flower clip and some beautiful curls!

These darling little flower girls have a picture perfect hairstyle that is carefree and will look fresh until the bride and groom zoom off in the wedding limo! Follow the two easy steps below to give your little flower girls this darling hairstyle! Also, don’t miss more flower girl hairdo ideas to the right so you can find the perfect look for your flower girl!



1. Your favorite way to give lasting curls
2. Decorative Silk Flower Barretts

Step #1:
Part your little girls hair down the side and then give her bouncy, lasting curls. My favorite way is Curls for Girls.  <= Click the pink text to watch a short video that shows you how it works!

Step #2:
Using just your fingers, smooth her hair to the side top of her head and secure with your beautiful decorative flower clip! That is it! She is now ready to toss the rose petals down the wedding isle and smile for the camera!

This Darling Flower Girl Hairstyle Just Could Not Be Easier!

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