Easy Steps to a Traditional Ballerina Bun

Traditional Ballerina Bun Image

Ahhh.. the Ballerina Bun! If your little girl is in dance, you will almost certainly need to learn how to give her a nice snug bun for her dance recital. Follow the steps below to give her a lasting bun. Note: the image above did not use hairspray to prevent the fly away hairs, but it is recommeneded to use some to keep her ballerina bun looking fresh for her dance performance!


Supplies Needed for this Hairstyle:

1. Spray bottle with water and a brush or comb
2. Ponytail holder or elastic the color of her hair
3. Hair pins* (not bobby pins) to match the color of her hair
4. Hair Bun Net (optional – not shown)
5. Hairspray (optional – not used for photo)
6. Decorative Hair Accessory such as a silk flower (shown) or other decoration and a few bobby pins for the flower

Step #1:
Lightly spary her hair to dampen and brush out to make smooth. Her hair should be the slightest damp, but not wet!

Step #2:
Smooth her hair into a ponytail at the height where you want the center of the bun to rest.
Note: Right now, it is fashionable to have a side part go about 2 – 3 inches and to smooth her hair to each side and then into the ponytail before adding to the ponytaii instead of smoothing straight back but this is optional.

Step #3:
Gasping her ponytail, twist in one direction and start to wrap around the base of the ponytail.

Step #4:
After you have completed about half a circle, use the hair pins to secure the twisted part of the bun to the hair just outside the bun.

Step #5:
Continue until all her hair is spun into the bun and attached using the hair pins. Optional — you may add the tiny bun net to keep the fly aways in check from her bun and/or use some hairspray.

Step #6:
Attach the flower or hair accessory using a few bobby pins

Ballerina Bun Traditional profile image