Easy Hairstyles for Girls


This elegant but super easy hairstyle is a favorite of little girls and moms! Your young girl will need to have hair that is long enough to put into a low ponytail. This hairdo look works great on any type of hair but I love to give lasting curls to your girls hair first, because it really dresses up this easy hair style!
1. Your favorite way to give beautiful, lasting curls
2. Ponytail holder
3. Wide toothed comb
4. Small fresh or silk flowers

STEP #1:
Give your little girl lasting curls. I used Curls for Girls, but you may use a hot curling iron, or old fashioned sponge rollers.

STEP #2:
Smooth out her hair using a wide toothed comb or gently smooth with your fingers to put your little girls hair into a loose, low ponytail. Secure with ponytail holder similar color to her hair.

STEP #3:
Using your fingers, you divide her hair just above the ponytail holder to make an opening about the size of a half dollar.

STEP #4:
Next, take the ponytail and flip it over into the hair opening from the top into the bottom (like threading a needle).

STEP #5:
At this point you can make a few adjustments and add flowers to dress up this look for your little girl!
Note: to keep the flowers in place, simply tuck under one of the loops in the ponytail holder or use a few bobby pins