Don’t Forget This Darling Preschool Girls Hairstyle

Young Girls Headband Hairstyle


Girls and headbands are a perfect choice for casual hairstyles for all ages of girls! Girls love headbands because they can put them into their hair independently and enjoy picking out the perfect color to match thier outfits! To dress up any headband, all you need are curls! Follow the steps below to give your little girl a darling headband hairstyle!



1. Brush or wide toothed comb
2. Soft Headband or headband covered in cloth
3. Optional — additional Flowers to clip on

STEP #1:

Brush or comb her hair so it is free of tangles and knots.

STEP #2:

Decide (or let her decide) if she wants a center part, a side part or no part. Then part her hair if she chooses.

Step #3:

Next, if it is a typical headband, gently place the ends of the headband just behind her ears and then slide in place and move to the top of her head. If you have a soft loop headband, put over her head like a neclace and then slide the front up over her face and put in place.