Dance Hairstyle with Accent Flower

Dance Hairstyle with Accent Flower

What a fabulous look for your little dancer! This haristyle is much easier than it looks! Many times, girls are required to put their hair into a traditional ballerina bun, but for the special ocassions, when your dancer is allowed to wear her hair in the style of her choice, this may be great fun as a change! Be sure to try it out before a recital, to make sure her hair is secured and she can follow her routine without her beautiful locks getting in the way! Follow the two easy steps below to give your little dancing girl this fabulous hairstyle!



1. Your favorite way to give your girl full, boucy curls
2. Ponytail holder the color of her hair
3. Bobbie Pins  or small jaw clips – about 4 – 6
4. Decorative silk flower or other hair accessory and hairspray (optional)

STEP #1:

Give your little girl bouncy, lasting curls. My favorite way is Curls for Girls.  <=Click the pink text to watch a short video that shows the secret to girls beautiful hairstyles!

STEP #2:

Using just your fingers, smooth the top and sides of her hair to the top back of her head and secure with the ponytail holder or elastic.


Next, using just your fingers, smooth her hair on one side up towards the gathered hair at the top of her head a few inches under the ponytail holder. (You may wish to secure to two clips or bobby pins on each side.) The very center back of her hair you will leave down – you are just pulling up the back sides.

STEP #4:

Add your hair ornament, flower or other accessory to the side and you may add some hairspray on the top to prevent the fly away hairs that you see in our image above!

Note: click to see the before picuture – you can better see the bobby pins in action without the curls!

Dance Hairstyle with Accent Flower

Like all dance hairstyle, I suggest you try this one out before the big event! If she does many heavy turns or othe fancy moves, this hairstyle may become loose and you may need to choose another style for her type of dance!