Learn How to Style This EASY Butterfly Bun!

Butterfly Bun Young Girls Hairstyle

This little girl’s hairstyle is perfect for wedding flower girls or any girl who wishes to add a nice touch to her hairstyle with some colorful hair accessories.  To make this style work for your little girl, it is best if she has medium – long hair. Our young model started with hair that reached the middle of her back.

(Note: if you are concerned that bobby pins will slip out of her hair — please take note that curls stay much better with bobby pins than straight hair does. I rarely need to re-adjust hair that is held with bobby pins as long as she has curls!)
To complete this little girls hairstyle, we added feather butterflies hair accessory that had a thin wire already attached (can be found at craft stores), securing with bobby pins.

What a attractive, unique hairstyle for a young flower girl or even a bridesmaid! The double ponytails make this style more than just a basic bun updo!



1. Your Favorite Way to give you little girl  lasting curls
2. Two Ponytail Holders
3. 10 – 15 Bobby Pins
4. Feather Butterflies or other Hair Accessories to add a final touch to this hairdo

STEP #1:

For starters, your little girl will need lots of curls! We gave our flower girl a full head of curls the easy way using the Curls for Girls method – click here to find out more!

STEP #2:

Your next step was to part her hair down the side.
Then we gently pulled her hair back into two low ponytails about 1 inch apart, smoothing the hair before each ponytail. Each ponytail was a secured with a ponytail holder similar color to her hair.

STEP #3:

Then you will gently pull her hair back into two low ponytails about 1 inch apart, smoothing the hair before each ponytail using a wide toothed comb. Of course you will secure each ponytail with a scrunchy hair holder similar color to her hair.

STEP #4:

Next, starting with one ponytail, lightly swirl the ponytail around the base of each holder to form a curly bun and secure with bobby pins.